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Reaching, Raising, Releasing,
and Reproducing
Generations for Christ

In Person: 9AM & 11AM
Online: 9AM

Whether you are checking us out for the first time or are looking for ways to get connected, we consider it an honor you are here. We are committed to helping you understand what it means to belong to Jesus, grow in your relationship with Him, and reach the world with His life-changing message.

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We have found that to develop a deep relationship with Christ, we have to attend Sunday Service, serve on a team and join a group with fellow Christians. Part of that radically balanced strategy is being in a group and that is a key part of fulfilling our Rock Mission to Reach, Raise, Release, and Reproduce Generations for Christ. The culture of Groups at the Rock is driven by community and challenge. Our Growth Groups build community through challenging courses of study. Our Community Groups foster challenge through deep community. Our many Ministries options provide both challenge and community.



God didn't design us to do life alone. At Rock Church, we believe that getting plugged into a LifeGroup is an essential part of living a healthy and balanced Christian life.

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connect track

The Connect Track is the BEST way to get connected at Rock Church. Whether you are brand new to church or have been attending for years, we encourage everyone to take part in this impactful course. For more information on the Connect Track and to register, click on "events" or visit our Info Center on a Sunday morning.

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